Is the media becoming more sexualised, and is this influencing sexual behaviour in young people

1. What is your gender?
2. how old are you?
3. do you believe that popular media has become more sexualised?
4. in your opinion, how does this media affect the behaviours of young individuals? (write to justify your answer from previous question)
5. which aspects of the media do you believe is the most influential towards young people in general? (1 = most influential and 8 = least influeantial)
magazines - in particular covers/articles
music videos - in pop, hip hop, r&b, rap etc.
music lyrics - in pop, hip hop, r&b, rap etc.
television shows
newspapers - ads in the back
radio - in relation to shock jocks and DJs
television advertising - in general and the post midnight kind
6. from your previous response, how do you feel these aspects relate to you personally? do you follow the general trend? (how are you similar and how do you differ)
7. although sexual content can affect any age group, younger individual's minds are more impressionable towards sexual content. What is your opinion towards this statement in regard to yourself?
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