PH 292 Library Session 10/19/11

1. Before this session, I knew what the proxy server and campus VPN were.
2. As a result of this session, I feel that I am better able to critically evaluate articles, web sites, etc. that I find while doing research.
3. As a result of this session, I better understand the process for doing library research.
4. I am likely to use PubMed for my research in this class and in the future.
5. I now understand what PubMed is and have a basic understanding of how to use it to do research.
6. As a result of this session, I am more likely to use the library and/or the librarians there for help.
7. Overall, the library session on October 19th was:
8. Do you have any questions or comments? If you want a response, please leave your contact information.
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