2013 Membership Survey

1. Where do you go to get information about services and account types that HFBCU has to offer? (Select the top two that apply)
2. What is the most valuable account type that you use?
3. If you do not have a checking at HFBCU, please indicate the reason that has prevented this...
4. If HFBCU is not your primary financial institution (where you do most of your banking), let us know what we can do to earn your business:
5. HFBCU recently merged with IKIBEW FCU. Since the merge please provide us feedback and let us know how we earned your membership:
6. When thinking about fees, how would you rate HFBCU's fee prices compared to other financial institutions?
7. Do youlike the HFBCU website, www.hfbcu.com?
8. You can access your account at nationwide Service Center locations and outlets. What are your thoughts about these locations?
9. When thinking about the account types (like checking & savings), account services (like debit cards & electronic statements), and other services (like gift cards) what would you like to see change or improve at HFBCU?
10. Optional: For resonding to this survey you may be entered into a drawing for a $25 gas card. If interested please provide your First Name, Last Name, and email address. Responses to previous questions are seperate from the information you provide below. Thank you!
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