Developers are awesome

Hello, earthlings! We are currently developing a new web app for developers and we would like your awesome opinions to serve the best product ever. Please, take two minutes to anwser the following questions.

Thanks! Oh, and did I mention your awesome?
1. Which of the titles below is more relevant to your job description?
2. Would you use a web app to improve your reputation as a developer?
Not a chanceMaybeLikelyCount me in, bro
3. Would you use our web app in order to find a job or get hired for a project?
4. What would make you more likely to use our new service?
5. Would you pay us a subscription for...
6. Does our product require a one-time payment or repeated payments?
7. How often do you use the following services?
Not at allSlightly oftenModerately oftenVery oftenExtremely often
Stack Overflow
Linked In
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