PAWS Request Form

Please fill out the following application as completely as possible. All PAWS funding applications MUST be submitted at least TWO WEEKS before the event date. Thank you.
Statement of Understanding
(If there is more than one sponsor, please provide the information for the primary person to contact about PAWS funding only.)
How did you learn about this service?
DESCRIBE THE EVENT. How will this event promote substance-free socialization?
Should alcohol be available in the venue, explain how the program will remain substance-free.
Describe how this event meets the guidelines of the PAWS program.
How do you plan to advertise your event? (NOTE: Upon receipt of your application, the HPO will request an electronic version of the program's advertisements.)
How much money ($300.00 maximum) are you requesting from PAWS? Please provide a detailed budget breakdown for the event, including other sources of funding and where the PAWS funding will be applied.
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