Orchard Hills Sanitary Landfill

The DEQ knows that your time is valuable. Your accurate responses to the survey questions will assist us in monitoring conditions at the landfill and identifying contributing factors; please be as specific as possible. This data is reviewed frequently; we thank you for your time.

Questions marked with * indicates a response is required.
1. Date(s) of offending odors:
2. Location where offending odors were noticed:
3. Time offending odors were noticed:
4. Duration of offending odors:
5. Level of offending odor (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest):
6. Characteristic of offending odor (Examples: garbage, gas, sewer):
7. General weather (Examples: sunny, rain, snow, cloudy):
8. Temperature:
9. Wind Speed:
10. Wind Direction:
11. Additional Comments:
The field below is optional, but highly recommended should we need to contact you for more information.
12. Contact information (Name, phone number, email address):
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