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Welcome to our streamlined registration process. You send us your information, and we take care of setting up and managing your Blue Hose CareerNet account. You'll get an email welcoming you to our system, and from that point forward, the only thing anyone in your organization will need to do to post a job is to send the job description and posting dates to the system email address. We'll post your jobs for you and follow-up in the manner which you designate.
1. This company profile information is for our internal use only. The address, phone, and email address you provide will be shown when you post jobs only if you ask us to include that information with a job search.
2. Company website home page url:
3. Please write a summary description of your company, as you would like prospective employees to see it.
4. What is your industry?
5. Are you an equal opportunity employer?
6. Do you wish to post a job at this time?
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