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1. Have you ever ordered any type of Chris-Craft document from The Mariners’ Museum?
2. Which of the following documents have you ordered from The Mariners' Museum in the past?
3. What was the purpose of your purchase?
4. How would you rate the value of document against the price you paid?
5. Please select your interest in acquiring each of the below document for your boat
Very interestedInterestedModeratelyNot that interestedNot interested at all
Hull card
Drawings (wiring diagrams, boat plans, etc)
Sales literature
Engine manuals
6. Approximately how much do you spend annually on the following categories?
Less than $100101-200201-10001001-50005001-10000More than $10000
Chris Craft documents
7. What is your preferred mode of ordering documents from The Mariners' Museum?
8. How interested are you in having completely searchable online site of an entire Chris-Craft collection?
9. What is the added value for you to have a comprehensive, searchable online research site for an entire Chris-Craft collection?
10. If you are interested to participate, volunteer, or know more about the project, please write your email address.
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