PfCONA Feedback

1. How often did you attend PfCONA monthly meetings in 2012?
2. If you did not attend any or many 2012 PfCONA monthly meetings, why not?
3. Which meeting topics in 2013 would you find interesting?
No interestSome InterestModerate InterestStrong Interest
30. State of the City message
29. Good vendor bid process
28. Working with property manager
27. Block watch & NNO
26. Fire Dept new sales tax district
25. Property taxes rate setting
24. Planning & zoning city process
23. Historic home restoration
22. New library tour
21. Pflugerville history
20. Code enforcement
19. Mediation of neighbor disputes
18. Animal control & noise
17. Parks, green areas maintenance
16. Pflugerville schools
15. Handling resident complaints
14. Repair identity theft
13. Building better web site
12. Payment & Fine collection
11. Conducting good board meetings
10. Candidate forum
9. City budget proposals
8. HOA bills in Texas legislature
7. HOA board effectiveness
6. Organizing social events
5. Pool safety & management
4. Selecting HOA vendors
3. Crime prevention at home
2. Fire prevention
1. Water conservation
4. Please elaborate on any topic of strong interest. Why did you choose those topics? Know of a good speaker or resource expert or organization?
5. What types of activities, other than monthly meetings, would you participate in if they were sponsored by PfCONA?
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