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1. AAVSO Meeting Interests Survey

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If you have ever considered attending an AAVSO meeting, please fill out the survey below. We will use the responses to plan future meetings of the AAVSO.

All items are optional. Responses are anonymous, unless you choose to leave your name at the end.

Thanks and clear skies!
1. Please choose which AAVSO meetings you have attended in the last 3 years. You may choose more than one.
2. Please rank the following items in terms of what is most important to you in a host location.
1 = Most Important2345 = Least Important
Transportation cost (air fare, local transit)
Astronomical sight-seeing opportunities
Lodging cost
I have never been there before
Non-astronomical sight-seeing opportunities
3. Please rank the following items in order of interest to you.
1 = Most Important23456 789101112 = Least Important
Scientific paper sessions
Evening star parties
Joint sessions with other astronomical organizations
Poster sessions
Banquet dinner and socializing
Organized tours of local astronomical interest
Invited lectures by professionals/esteemed amateurs
Open house and tour of AAVSO HQ
Technical workshops about software, hardware, etc.
Town hall/group discussion sessions
Post-banquet speaker
Director's report and membership report
4. What is your opinion of our recent meeting registration fees?
5. The scientific paper session talks are...
6. If we streamed the formal meeting sessions online, would you watch it if you could not attend the meeting?
7. Can you give us a quick, general description of why you do or do not like to attend AAVSO meetings?
8. Can we have your name or observer code? We may use it to contact you with follow up questions or to correlate responses with member demographics.
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