Just the Facts Global - User Survey

We value your feedback as we work to expand Justf.org into a global database on U.S. military and police assistance. We appreciate your time to respond to some questions.
1. What is your age?
2. Are you a (choose all that apply)
3. What U.S. policy issues are you most interested in? (choose all that apply)
4. What foreign policy issues are you most interested in? Please check your top 3 choices.
Culture & Politics
Defense/homeland security
Human rights
Global & human development
Social justice
International conflict resolution
International trade/economics
U.S. strategy & politics
5. How did you first learn about Just the Facts?
6. What information on U.S. security policy do/would you look for first on the Just the Facts website?
7. Which of the following Just the Facts online resources do/would you utilize most often? Please choose up to 3
8. What motivates you/would motivate you to seek out resources provided by Just the Facts?
9. Rate the importance of the following ways to see / interact with the data online:
(10 = highest)
Basic tables showing total assistance by country and year
Filter data and create graphs and charts based on set parameters
Download datasets as Excel or .csv files
Pre-made graphs showing trends in assistance by country / by program / by year
Interactive heat maps comparing U.S. security assistance worldwide / by region
10. How often do you use the following social media channels for work?
NeverHardly EverOccasionallyDaily
Online discussion forums
Other channels
11. Do you have any suggestions or comments about Just the Facts that you'd like to share with us? What can we do to improve your online experience?
12. Have you used Just the Facts before taking this survey?
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