Square Dance History Project - launch

1. How did you learn of the Square Dance History Project? (check all that apply)
2. What did you find most helpful or interesting on the site?
3. Did you try searching for something specific? Which Search tools did you use?
4. What kinds of materials would you particularly like to see added to this site?
5. Please suggest other exhibits that you would like to see created.
6. Do you know of other resources that we should include? We are particularly interested in older moving images, but as you can see, the site includes other media.

• If these materials are already online, please provide URL.

• If these are materials in a library or collection but not yet available online, please describe and provide contact information.

• If this is material you have and are willing to share, tell us how to contact you.
7. Which of these describes your interest in square dance? (check as many as apply)
8. How long have you been involved in square dance activities?
9. How likely are you to recommend our website to others?
10. We're interested in any comments you have about this site. Thank you for your visit.
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