Gamer Network Readership Survey May 2014

1. Are you male or female?
2. How old are you?
3. What's your personal income? (Feel free to not answer this question if it's a bit personal)
4. Where do you live?
5. Which gaming sites do you read and how often?
PC Gamer
6. Which gaming platforms do you own?
7. Which gaming platforms do you intend to buy this year?
8. If you've not bought an Xbox One yet, what statement best matches your reason/s why?
9. If you've not bought a PS4 yet, what statement best matches your reason/s why?
10. What gaming peripherals might you buy this year?
11. Please estimate the number of hours you play games each week?
12. Which genres of games do you play regularly?
13. How many full-price boxed games (£30 or more) have you bought in the last 12 months?
14. How many digital download games have you bought in the last 12 months?
15. How many pieces of DLC/expansion packs have you purchased in the past 12 months?
16. Do you play free-to-play games?
17. Do you pre-order games?
18. If yes, when do you place your pre-order?
19. What motivates you to pre-order games? (tick all that apply)
20. Do you pre-order special/collector's editions?
21. Where do you usually pre-order your games (tick all that apply)
22. When pre-ordering new franchise games (not a sequel), which of the following statements best fits your motives?
23. Which of the following services do use?
24. Do you intend to subscribe to any of the following services this year?
25. How often do you go to the cinema?
26. How many DVDs and/or Blu-Rays have you bought in the last 12 months?
27. How many films or TV Shows have you bought or rented through a digital download service in the last 6 Months?
28. What genre of movies do you enjoy? Tick all the apply
29. We're keen to do more video content on Eurogamer (additionally - not at the expense of stuff we already do). What kind of thing would you enjoy?
30. Are there any aspects of gaming that you personally care about that you would like to hear more about on Eurogamer?
31. What do you think Eurogamer is missing?
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