Most Important Tasks on AILA InfoNet

1. The following information is a list of tasks you can complete on the AILA InfoNet website.

Please choose the 5 tasks that are most important to you when you visit the website. Then rank each of the tasks based on the order of importance, with 1 as the least important and 5 as the most important.

For example:

Access FastCase to do research. (5 most important)
View content in the Recent Postings section. (4)
Record CLE attendance. (3)
Find a pro bono opportunity. (2)
Register for the 2013 National Day of Action. (1 least important)
1 (least important)2345 (most important)
Contact AILA with a general question/request.
Request a media kit to advertise with AILA.
Search for an immigration lawyer.
Read the AILA Leadership blog.
Read the AILA Immigration Slip Opinion blog.
Connect with AILA through their social media channels.
Contact AILA to check availability for conference room space.
View AILA’s mission, governance structure and policies.
Contact a national committee member.
Read the minutes from the AILA Annual Meeting.
Fill out a form to refer a member.
Apply to become a member.
Use the member directory to find and contact other AILA members.
Review membership benefits.
Find out when my membership expires.
Update my information in myAILA.
Search job postings in the Career Center.
Search job postings for openings at AILA.
Post a job opening in the Career Center.
Register for a web seminar.
Register for the 2013 AILA Annual Conference.
Review the logistics and agenda for the 2013 AILA Annual Conference.
Apply to receive a conference registration scholarship or tuition assistance.
View the calendar of upcoming events.
Purchase a book or publication.
Register for an audio or web seminar.
Purchase AILA Merchandise.
Access and read VOICE: An Immigration Dialogue.
Access and read IPN Immigration Practice News.
Sign up for an AILALink subscription.
Sign up for the Recent Postings alert.
Edit my Recent Postings subscription.
Join an AILA Chapter.
Sign an advocacy action alert.
Join an AILA Section.
Register for the 2013 National Day of Action.
Join an AILA Interest Group.
Find out what networking opportunities are available.
Find a mentor.
Fill out a form to evaluate a mentor.
Find a pro bono opportunity.
Find my chapter’s information, including contact information for chapter officers.
Sign up to volunteer at AILA.
Read Press Releases.
Find contact information for an AILA spokesperson.
Find information about how to work with the Media (how to pitch a story or write an op-ed).
View content in the Recent Postings section.
Access FastCase to do research.
Post and respond to comments in the AILA Message Center.
Find contact information for federal agencies.
Find contact information, rules and forms for the U.S. District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeal.
Report a trend or problem case.
Read about proposed, pending, or enacted federal regulation.
Find new lawyer introductory resources.
Submit a case liaison assistance request.
Read information about managing a practice.
Find agency documents.
Find a specific immigration case.
Use search to find a document.
Find a document in the Featured Topics section.
Find the latest Processing Time Reports.
Read the latest Visa Bulletin.
Read or contribute to an entry on the AILAWiki.
Find the ethical rules for my state.
Find the links to navigate to agency websites.
View sample federal court motions.
Find information about a specific immigration law topic or issue.
Record CLE attendance.
Register to attend a CLE conference.
Download CLE podcasts.
Find material that is CLE eligible.
Read my state’s CLE rules.
View the calendar of upcoming CLE events.
Watch a CLE webcast.
2. Please list the five topics or issues you look for the most on AILA's website. (i.e. Child Status Protection Act or Section 245 (i) )

If you do not look for information on the website about specific topics or issues, please leave the answer spaces blank.
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