Melrose Promenade public feedback

1. Tell us about your relationship to Melrose Ave (select all that apply)
2. What is currently your favorite spot on Melrose Ave and why?
3. What types of long-term physical improvements would you like to see on Melrose Ave? (rank 1-9)
more trees and usable green space
wider sidewalks and additional seating
safer pedestrian crossings at intersections
sustainable features (rain gardens, permeable paving, native plants etc..)
artwork (painting, sculpture, interactive, performance etc..)
better lighting
improved bicycle facilities
sound mitigation from I-5
additional parking
Other (please specify below)
4. If you choose other for the previous question, please specify
5. Melrose Ave currently serves pedestrians, bikes and autos: what are your priorities? (rank 1-5)
prioritize wider sidewalks for green space, art, seating
prioritize bicycling and associate facilities
prioritize long-term parking for residents
prioritize short-term parking for shopping/visitors
prioritize auto capacity
6. What types of events would you like to see along Melrose Ave as a long-term goal? (rank 1-3)
work parties (park and street cleanup, plantings etc)
evening/weekend (street fair, BBQs, movies, performances, etc)
Holiday events (New Year's, 4th of July fireworks, etc)
Other (please specify below)
7. If you choose other as one of your top 3 for the previous question, please specify
8. What type of activity or event would you like to see on Melrose Ave this year?
9. Would you like to help volunteer and/or organize this event?
10. If this project could only make (1) improvement on Melrose Ave, what is your highest priority?
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