NH Coastal Scenic Byway - Community Resident Survey 2013-2014

The Rockingham Planning Commission is conducting a Corridor Study of the NH Coastal Scenic Byway, which follows Route 1A and Route 1B from Seabrook to Portsmouth. Route 1A is locally known as Ocean Boulevard through Seabrook, Hampton, North Hampton and much of Rye; and also known as Pioneer Road, Sagamore Road and Miller Avenue through Rye and Portsmouth. Route 1B through Portsmouth and New Castle follows Marcy Street, New Castle Avenue, Portsmouth Avenue, Main Street and Wentworth Road. (See Map)

The purpose of the study is to gather input from residents and visitors to the corridor to shape a plan for protecting the corridor's scenic, cultural and natural resources and addressing traffic concerns, while accommodating tourism and recreation. The study includes an extensive survey of visitors to the corridor, as well as this survey of residents of coastal communities along the Byway (Seabrook, Hampton, North Hampton, Rye, New Castle and Portsmouth). By filling out and returning this survey, you will be helping us identify issues to consider when developing recommendations for the study.

Some of the following questions ask specifically about the highway, and refer to Route 1A/1B. In other questions we refer to the Corridor, which is meant to encompass both the highway and attractions along it that are destinations for users of the highway.

The survey will be available online until March 31, 2014.

For more information, or if you prefer to fill out a paper copy of the survey, please contact Scott Bogle at the Rockingham Planning Commission at (603) 778-0885 or sbogle@rpc-nh.org.

1. In what city or town do you live?
2. About how many times do you travel on Route 1A or 1B using each of the following modes of transportation during a typical month in each season?
3. How frequently do you travel Route 1A or 1B for each of the following purposes?
NeverA few times a yearOnce or twice a monthOnce or twice a weekMore than twice a week
Commute to work
Commute to school
4. Please indicate whether you think each of the following features found along the Route 1A/1B corridor needs major improvement, minor improvement, or no improvement at all:
Major Improvement NeededMinor Improvement NeededNo Improvement Needed
State Parks
Interpretive/informational signage
Bike paths/bike lanes
Public transportation service
Road turnouts
Road capacity
Directional signage
Parking availability