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Healthy Living Programs in Libraries

1. What is the name of your library?
2. Community Type
3. Population of Library Service Area
4. Has your library ever hosted exhibits or programs on health?
5. If you answered "Yes" to the question above, please list the titles and briefly describe the health exhibits or programs you have hosted:
6. Would a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) exhibit/program be useful to your community?
7. How interested is your library in hosting health exhibits or programs? (1 = Not at all interested, 5 = Very interested)
Level of Interest
8. What types of health exhibits or programs would your library be most interested in hosting?
(1 = Not at all interested, 5 = Very Interested
Health Classes (like Zumba, Yoga, etc)
Interactive Exhibits
Panel Exhibits (pictures and text)
Health Fair
Health Screenings
Adult Lectures
Children's story hours
Hands-on workshops
Teacher workshops
9. What health topics or issues would be most relevant for an exhibit or program at your library?
(1 = Not at all Relevant, 5 = Most Relevant)
The Affordable Care Act
Access to health care
Child Health
Health Insurance
Health Literacy
Heart Health
Maternal/reproductive health
Respiratory Diseases
Substance Abuse
10. Please briefly describe the type of health exhibit and/or program that you would most like to host at your library:
11. Please briefly describe the types of health-related books or educational resources that your patrons most frequently check out or request:
12. Has your library had programs presented by an Area Health Education Center?
13. Would a series of programs on Chronic Disease Management be well attended at your library?
14. Is there any other information about health-related programming you'd like to share with us?
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