Promise Coaches Campaign Survey

*Note: Your responses may be used in Promise Coaches promotional items.

1. Looking back, which part(s) of the Promise Coaches Workshop had the biggest impact on you? Please choose all that apply.
2. What have you done differently since attending a Promise Coaches workshop?
3. What is your relationship with your young person(s)? Please choose all that apply.
4. How do you keep in contact with your young person? Please choose all that apply.
5. Many Promise Coaches work with more than one young person. For questions, please focus on just once young person.

Is your young person currently enrolled in school?
6. Please provide the following information regarding your young person.
7. How often do you engage in conversations about the following topics with your young person?
DailyWeeklyMonthlyEvery few monthsNever
Developing interests and hobbies
Exploring career options
Planning for college
Setting and achieving short term goals
Developing a support system
8. If your young person is enrolled in school, how often during the school year do you engage in conversations about the following topics?
DailyWeeklyMonthlyEvery few monthsNever
Attendance in school
Behavior in school
Grades and academic performance
Involvement in extracurricular activities
9. How helpful are the following Promise Coaches Campaign resources?
Very HelpfulSomewhat helpfulNot helpfulI have not used this resource
Promise Coaches website
Promise Coaches Newsletter
Websites recommended by the Promise Coaches Campaign
10. Please provide the following information:
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