FRS 1000 Posttest

1. How many days before a test should you begin studying?

2. According to the UNCP catalog, how many hours of general education course work, including Freshman Seminar, are needed toward each degree?
3. Where is one of the tutoring programs located?

4. Where is the Counseling and Testing Center located?

5. Where is the Career Center located?

6. As an incoming freshman with no transfer credit, how many hours of grade replacement do you receive?
7. What is the minimum quality point average needed for a freshman (1-29 hours) to be in “good” academic standing?
8. What would your Quality Point Average be for the semester if you made the following grades:

CLASS: Grade (Credit Hours)
FRS 1000: A (1)
MAT 1050: B (3)
BIO 1000: B (3)
BIO 1000L: A (1)
ENG 1050: B (3)
HST 1020: C (3)
PED 1300: A (1)
9. According to the UNCP catalog, how many hours do you need to be considered a sophomore
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