Alumni Survey (core review 2010)

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Please respond to the following items related to your college experience.
1. In what year did you graduate from Maryville College?
2. Gender
3. Citizenship
4. Race/Ethnicity (mark one or more boxes)
5. Did you enter Maryville College as a first time, first year student?
6. If you answered "no" on question 5, how many years did you attend Maryville College?
7. What was the most influential aspect of your Maryville College experience?
8. What were the most influential courses you completed at Maryville College?
9. What were the most influential extracurricular activities in which you participated while a student at Maryville College?
10. What skills, experiences, attitudes, or knowledge do you believe needed more emphasis in your Maryville College education?
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