1. How often do you spend time solving puzzles (logic, math, wordplay, etc)?
2. How long do you spend on them at a given time? [Please select only the one or two most common times.]
3. How regular is your puzzle solving? [Please select only the one or two most common times.]
4. Do you write puzzles (logic, math, wordplay, etc)?
5. How would you rate the craft of writing a puzzle? How much do you appreciate the crafting of a puzzle?
6. And the money question: How willing are you to pay for well-crafted puzzles?
7. Describe your favorite type of puzzle (logic, math, wordplay, etc).
8. What makes puzzles fun? [Try to be honest with yourself!]
9. Would competition with friends and/or other puzzlers increase the fun of puzzle solving?
10. Okay, so let's put it all together.

If there was a way to solve a collection or set of well-crafted puzzles as a structured competition between a small group of friends or other puzzlers, would you be willing to pay for the experience?
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