Your Choice Survey

Lehigh Dining Services would like your feedback on our new "Your Choice" gluten-free stations at Cort Lower UC, Rathbone, and "Your Choice" snack rack in Upper UC Food Court in order to provide the best service. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. We really appreciate your feedback!
1. Do you have a special dietary need (i.e. food allergy, intolerance, medical condition, etc.)?
2. How often do you use the Your Choice gluten-free station in Lower Cort or Rathbone?
3. Rate the usefulness of the station.
Very usefulUsefulSomewhat usefulNot usefulN/A
4. Do you have any suggestions to improve the station?
5. Are there any products you would like to see at the station?
6. Please provide any additional feedback about the station.
7. Are you aware of the "Your Choice" snack rack in the Upper UC Food Court?
8. While not all choices are gluten-free, the snacks that are gluten free are labeled, do you find these labels helpful?
9. Are there any additional products you would like to see featured on the "Your Choice" snack rack in the Upper UC Food Court?
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