Citizen Satisfaction with Officer Contact

1. What was the reason for the officer contact?
2. What was the approximate date of contact? You may include the officer's name if you like.
3. How would you rate the officer's skills in handling your situation?
4. Was the officer(s) courteous?
5. If the contact was initiated by you, how satisfied are you with the officer(s) handling of your reason for the contact?
6. Have you been recontacted by the officer(s) for updates regarding your case?
7. How would you rate the officer's appearance?
ExceptionalExcellentAveragePoorVery Poor
8. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your contact with the officer(s).
ExceptionalExcellentGoodPoorVery Poor
Officer's communication
Your Confidence in the Officer
The Officer's response time
The Officer's professionalism
9. Did the officer(s) show a willingness to help with the situation at hand?
10. How can we improve our service or do you have any additional comments?
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