Loyalist Gazette: 2013 Readership Survey

The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada and the branches which make it up reach out to members and other people in a number of different ways. Please help us understand better how we reach you.
1. What Loyalist publications or sources do you read?
The Loyalist Gazette has been published twice yearly by the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada since 1963. Its focus is on the American Revolutionary period, researched articles about Loyalists and their descendants, and news of value to branches across Canada and beyond. Production costs have risen over time so it now costs $30,000 (or $15.00 per member/subscriber) for two issues per year. In the interest of serving our readers while saving costs, we want to hear from you.
2. Do you receive or read the Loyalist Gazette, the magazine published twice yearly by the UELAC?
3. Do you receive, see or read the Gazette as . . . .
4. On average, roughly how much of each issue do you “look at”?
5. How would you describe your average reading method/speed for those portions of the Gazette that you do read?
6. Including yourself, how many people share or read your copy of the Gazette?
7. What should be the primary focus of our Association's print publication?
8. What parts of the Gazette, if any, do you think could be better reported in other publications such as branch newsletters, Loyalist Trails, social media or websites?
9. An increasing number of magazines are now published digitally. A web magazine can recreate the appearance of a paper publication while enhancing it with video, sound and web links. Advantages are a larger audience, online participation and unlimited space. Digital publishing eliminates the cost of printing and distribution.
Would you be willing to receive a digital copy of the Gazette rather than a hard-copy?
10. The Gazette is now published twice each year in Spring and Fall. How many issues do you think should be published each year?
11. Do you have any additional comments that would help us provide a publication that best meets your needs and preferences?
12. Please tell us more about you.
13. Where do you live
14. OPTIONAL: I am providing my name and email address should the surveyors have any questions, with the understanding that my name/address will not be released and I will not be identified with any information I have provided.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey as the results will assist us in planning
communications from the Association. Once we have tabulated all the results, we will let you know.

Sincerely and loyally yours,

Robert C. McBride, UE
Editor, The Loyalist Gazette
UELAC Dominion President, 2011 - 2013