Maine Premier Soccer Clinic Feedback Form Fall 2013

1. Please fill in the information below.
Please rate all services using the scale provided.
2. Please rate the MPS Academy program your organization utilized this fall.
Not acceptableNeeds ImprovementSatisfactoryGoodExcellentNot Applicable
Player Clinics
Player Evaluation/Try Outs
Team Trainer
Director of Coaching
3. Please rate the MPS Coaching Staff on the following criteria
Not acceptableNeeds ImprovementSatisfactoryGoodExcellentNot Applicable
Coaching Ability
Interaction with Players
Interaction with your coaches
Followed MPS curriculum
4. Did you make the MPS curriculum available to your coaches?
5. If yes, did your volunteer coaches use our curriculum during the season?
6. How would you rate the effectiveness of the MPS curriculum?
7. How useful did you find the Match Analysis (if provided)
8. How useful was the weekly newsletter in communicating with your membership?
9. How well did your volunteer coaches develop through the interactions with MPS coaches and our curriculum?
10. Please rate the MPS Head Office on the following criteria?
Not acceptableNeeds ImprovementSatisfactoryGoodExcellentNot Applicable
Dealing with issues and requests
11. Please check below if you would like further information on any of the following MPS Programs
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