Survey: Higher Education Trends in the Fire Service

1. Do you currently hold a college degree?
Fire Science / AdministrationOther Field
Associates Degree
Bachelor Degree
Post Graduate Certificate
Masters Degree
2. Does your department require any of the following for new hires?
Check all that apply
3. Does your department hiring process offer bonus points for any of the following?
Check all that apply
4. What educational requirements does your department have for promotion eligibility?
Battalion Chief
Assistant/ Bureau Chief
Deputy Chief
5. Does your department grant educational bonus points in the promotion process?
Check all that apply
6. Do you currently have access to tuition assistance?
Check all that apply
NonePartialFullAssociates onlyBachalorsMasters
Departmental/ local
State program
Federal program
7. How would you rate the likelihood of your entering an advanced degree program?
Not at all likelyI am considering itI intend to do so
Bachelor's degree program
18 hr post graduate certificate
Masters program
8. if you were to re-enter a University program to advance your education, which study path would you most likely pursue?
Fire AdminPublic AdminManagementOther
Bachelor's degree
18 hr Post graduate certificate
Masters degree
9. If you were to re-enter a university program for further degree completion would you be most likely to enroll in a:
10. Please rank the following considerations when selecting a college degree program
Not at all importantA slight considerationRelatively importantA Key consideration
Curriculum relavance
Recognized accreditation
School reputation
Availability of "Life" learning credit
School location
Faculty credentials
Ease / speed of program completion
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