AS12 WC User Survey

This survey gives the Writing Center your feedback to help improve our services. Please be as specific as possible--we want your input!
1. What course did you come to the Writing Center for help with?
2. If you know your tutor's name, who was it?
3. If you have met with this tutor before, how many times have you done so?
4. Which statements apply to your tutor's attitude? (Check all that apply)
5. Which statements were true of your tutor's approach? (Check all that apply)
6. How clearly did your tutor explain things?
7. How confident were you about the tutor's knowledge of writing issues?
8. Did this session help you understand your assignment or the ideas you are writing about more clearly?
9. Did you gain information or skills in this tutoring session which will help you with your writing in the future?
10. What changes would most improve the Writing Center's service to you?
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