July 2012 Love Joy Feminism Reader Survey

1. How did you find Love, Joy, Feminism?
2. What is your religious background?
3. Question regarding homeschooling. Check any that apply:
4. What are your current religious beliefs?
5. What is your age?
6. I post about a variety of topics. Please indicate which posts you find interesting and which ones you don't:
Very interestingInterestingMehBoringI don't read these ones
Christian Right
7. If it were up to you, how often would you like me to post? (Consider how much time you actually have to read what I post.)
8. Do you like my "Worthwhile Reads" posts?
9. Would you like to see any of the following introduced as recurring features like Worthwhile Reads?
10. What other comments or suggestions do you have?
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