Post Trip Summary/Eval

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1. Who were the leaders on this trip?
2. What was the destination of this trip?
3. What were the dates of this trip?
4. How many hours was the round trip drive from CC?
5. How many miles was the round trip drive from CC?
6. Who were the driver(s) on this trip?
7. Did you have any extra or emergency expenses? If yes, please describe (what and how much).
8. Please describe the final route of your trip so that it could be replicated in the future if someone were to read this form.
9. Route Considerations: difficulty level, , pros/cons, recommendations, etc.
10. What maps did you use?
11. What was the water supply like along your route?
12. Weather summary:
13. Risk Management: Concerns, recommendations, behavior/group issues, near misses, etc
14. Please list and briefly describe all injuries, how they occurred, and how they were treated.
15. Gear Considerations: additions, deletions, check in/out process, state of equipment, etc
16. Transportation Considerations: positives, negatives, safety concerns, suggestions about route and vehicle, etc.
17. Food Considerations: quality, quantity, pick-up process, etc.
18. Pre- and Post-Trip Considerations: training, vehicle pick up, pre-trip meeting/gear check, were you prepared?, paper work after trip including this form, etc.
19. Additional Comments: highs/lows, overall impressions, other suggestions for future leaders.
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