GA/TA/Lecturer Comp Ticket Request

1. General Information about Complimentary Tickets

Lecturers, GAs and TAs may request up to 2 tickets for PERSONAL review of performances produced by the Theatre & Dance Dept. at Kennedy Theatre and the Earle Ernst Lab Theatre.

These comps are not transferable; you must be attending the show yourself and may not give them away to someone else.

Tickets are subject to availability and must be requested online at least 2 hours in advance of performance requested. Within 2 hours, you should come to the box office in person, or call 956-7655.

Complimentary tickets that are not picked up 15 minutes prior to curtain may be released.

1. Name of Lecturer/GA/TA Requestor
2. Name of Performance
3. Date and time of performance requested
4. Number of tickets requested, up to 2 tickets allowed for personal review with one guest only
5. List any special seating requests/requirements here
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