UAB School of Education Technology Self Assessment


1. Online Readiness

Please identify the most accurate level of proficiency corresponding to your ability to perform the following tasks based on the definitions below:

Novice: I am not sure how to do this task

Intermediate: I have done this before, but might need some help repeating it

Proficient: I can perform this task without any assistance
I can create, format, and manipulate documents
I can search for and access content on the Internet
I can use more than one Internet browser
I can check the java version on my computer
I can save and access multimedia content (e.g. audio and video files )on my computer
2. Blackboard Readiness: Foundations
I can create a course menu link to a content area or course tool
I can upload documents to a course shell
I can add content to a content area
I can send an email to my class
I can post an announcement in my course shell
3. Blackboard Readiness: Course Tool Functions and Manipulation
I can set adaptive release on a course item
I can create a test canvas
I can create a discussion board
I can create a wiki
I can grade a wiki, blog, or journal
I can add\hide tools from the tools menu
I can add\hide tools from the control panel
I can create course groups
I can manipulate discussion board settings
I can build test questions of various types
I can retrieve assignment submissions
4. Blackboard Readiness: Grade Center Manipulation
I can create a grading rubric
I can create grade center columns
I can manage grade center columns
I can enter and edit grades
I can filter the grade center views
I can sort grade center columns
5. Online Pedagogy:
I have taught an online or Blended course for __ semesters
6. Online Course Design and Structure Readiness
I have a clear, organized structure for online courses
I can create lessons that integrate a variety of technology tools
I can create student-centered learning activities in which students apply technology tools and resources
I can use a variety of strategies for implementing technology in course topics
I can use course tools to manage student-student interaction
I can use course tools to enhance instructor presence
I can use a variety of technology tools to assess course objectives
7. Please identify your level of familiarity with the following software tools:
Never usedNoviceIntermediateProficient
Wimba\Blackboard Collaborate
Respondus lockdown browser
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