Holden Girls' Softball Survey - March 2013

1. As of January 1, 2013, my daughter's age is:
2. Please indicate your daughter's level of softball experience:
3. Will you be registering your daughter for HGS' 2013 season?
4. Based upon past experience, I feel that the level of play in HGS is:
5. In the past, HGS has worked diligently to honor "special requests" made by parents/players. These requests have included the pairing of girls (friends, neighbors, teammates, etc.), as well as the placement of girls with a particular coach. As a parent, "special requests" (please check all that apply):
6. Regarding team placement, HGS has allowed its players to remain on the same team at each level of play. As a parent, my preference would be to:
7. Other town sports programs utilize coaching evaluation forms and annual tryouts as the basis for drafting teams each season. As a parent in HGS, I feel that evaluations, tryouts, and/or drafts:
8. Coaches in HGS are tasked with teaching softball fundamentals and fostering player development through practice and game day experiences. As a parent (please select all that apply):
9. This question is for parents who have coached a HGS team in the past, and/or who are considering coaching this year. Please check all answers that apply, and answer on behalf of you and/or your spouse:
10. Please select the answer which best describes your past experiences with HGS:
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