LWVIA Issues Briefing 2014

1. 2014 LWVIA Issues Briefing Evaluation

1. How many times have you attended a LWVIA Issues Briefing?
2. How do you like the MARSHALLTOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY as a location?
3. In past years, we have briefed League members on 3-4 issues. Past evaluations indicated a desire to have more time to delve into fewer issues. So this year we chose to focus on two topics, and spend more time on them. How did you like it?
4. Overall, how do you rate this year's Issues Briefing?
5. Please rate the session on VOTER REGISTRATION MODERNIZATION:
6. Please rate the session on HUMAN TRAFFICKING:
7. Do you have any other comments about the Issues Briefing?
8. Please give us your thoughts and suggestions in improving the Issues Briefing.
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