EnGenius Satisfaction Survey

How Are We Doing?

We're committed to monitoring the quality of the services and products we provide, as part of an ongoing improvement process. We would appreciate your feedback on our performance.
1. Please rate the following aspects of our products.
Long Range
Ease of Deployment
Ease of Use
PBX Compatibility
Sound Quality
2. Please rate the following aspects of our Sales Dept.
Product Knowledge
Project Assistance
Timely Call Backs
Awareness of Product Specials
3. Please rate the following aspects of our Service Dept.
Time reaching CSR
Knowledge of CSR
Repair Turnaround
Follow Up if needed
4. What level of confidence do you have in us to deliver the products and services that you require?
5. Has your company been contacted by your EnGenius Territory Manager?
6. What EnGenius programs are you aware of?
7. Over the last 6 months which EnGenius products have you sold?
8. Over the last 12 months how much DuraFon product have you purchased?
9. If you have any suggestions regarding how we could improve the services we provide to you, please enter them in the box below.
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