How SMART are you?

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1. Visit the website - you will find all answers in this website - a title/clue has been placed before each question.

Type the following information into the first text box:

Your full name, class and form teacher's name.

Did you find Safer Internet Day useful?
How could we make it better next year?

2. Safe Searching:
What can you do to check if online information is correct?
3. Competitions:
What is the fourth TOP TIP about?
4. Games:
What is a ‘griefer’?
5. Music:
What website could you check out to find the best legal music downloading sites?
6. Chat:
You should only chat with people you …
7. Digital Footprints:
What is an ‘IP Address’?
8. Digital Footprints:
How long do photos you post online last?
9. Mobiles:
What could happen if you leave Bluetooth on all the time on your mobile phone?
10. Social Networks:
What is one crucial piece of personal information you should keep to yourself at all times?
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