RISMedia's Real Estate Technology Survey

1. Please describe your primary role in the real estate industry?
2. If you are a broker, how many agents are affiliated with your firm?
3. Do you have an in-house IT professional/team or do you outsource IT services:
4. When was your last major technology purchase?
5. Which activity takes up the most time on a typical work day?
6. How would you rate your level of technology expertise?
7. Where does the biggest void exist in your technology proficiency?
8. How would you describe your satisfaction level with your current technology provider?
9. Given a choice, what technology brand do you prefer most? (Check only one)
10. Are your technology purchases mostly based on (check as many that apply):
11. Which marketing vehicle are you most receptive to when it comes to finding offers for your business?
12. Would you like to receive special offers and business-building information from credible technology vendors and be entered to win the Ultra-Mobile Projector? If yes, please enter your name and email in the comments box below. If no, and you would only like to be entered in the drawing for the projector, please enter name and email and "Drawing Only." Please click "Done" to finish survey. Thank you!
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