How would you command a robot in simple english to execute a task?

1. Program your NXT robots in plain simple english.

Thank you for taking part. My name is Luke Taylor and I created this survey, because I would like to know how you would tell your robot (currently the NXT MINDSTORMS) to perform actions. This will help me to create an algorithm for my Google Science Fair's project. My project should enable you to tell your robot in simple English to successfully perform actions.
1. Do you have any experience with the NXT MINDSTORMS?
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2. How do you find the idea of "programming" your robots in English?
Great (good for beginners)Ok (sounds interesting, I might try it)Average Bad (I would dislike it)N/A
English software:
3. How would you tell a two-wheeled robot to go forward for 1 metre, wait five seconds and then go back for 1 metre?

(For those who know the NXT: assume Motor B and C are connected; if not, you would have to specify to which ports the motors are connected)
4. How would you tell your robot to wait for its touch sensor to be pressed and then let it say "Hello stranger", with "hello stranger" being displayed on the LCD screen?

(For those who know the NXT: assume touch sensor is connected to Port 1; if not, you would have to specify to which port it's connected)
5. How would you tell your robot to follow a black line? Would you use a logical method described underneath or just tell the robot to follow a black line?
This zig-zag method is used to make a robot follow a line. The light sensor detects if the robot is on the line, then the left motor goes forward. When the robot is not on the black line, then the right motor goes forward. This sequence keeps on going since it's placed inside of a loop.
Image as described above
6. How would you command your robot to follow a line?

(For those who know the NXT: specify which port is connected to the motors and light sensor, if you are going to use the example above.)

7. Additional comments: What do you think of this project? Do you have any suggestions or constructive criticism? Any queries?
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