IUPUI International Club - Culture Hours

Culture Hours 2014 - 2015

Hello Everyone,

IUPUI International Club hosts Culture Hours on almost every Friday in Fall & Spring semester. If you or your organization would like to present the Culture Hour, please complete this survey.

Please refer to the following link for more information regarding Culture Hours.


Please Note: Culture Hours are scheduled on Fridays from 4.30pm onwards in the IUPUI Campus Center. Please read all the information listed on the second page for more information.

1. Name of the Presenter
2. Name of the group/ Student Organization (if any)
3. IUPUI Email
4. Contact Number
5. Name of the Country you will like to present
6. When would you like to present your Culture Hour?
7. Do you have any specific date/month you would like to present the Culture Hour? If your date/month is tentative, please mention that to avoid confusion.
8. Please address any comments, questions, or concerns. How about any suggestions for improving the Culture Hours?
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