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In an effort to better serve our community, the Petoskey District Library would like to learn something about you, your Library needs, and your perceptions of the Library. Providing the information below is completely voluntary. All information will be kept confidential. Your responses to these questions will help the Petoskey District Library to continually improve its services.
1. Are you or your family members current Petoskey District Library users?
2. Do you or does anyone in your household have a Petoskey District Library card?
3. In what township or city do you live?
4. How often, on average, do you or your family use the Petoskey District Library? Please mark one box.
5. If you personally have not used the Petoskey District Library more than once in the past 12 months, please tell us why. Please mark all that apply.
6. Why do you usually visit the Petoskey District Library? Please check all that apply.
7. If you use the Petoskey District Library, Please rank the top five (5) services that bring you to the Library.
Top ReasonSecond ReasonThird ReasonFourth ReasonFifth Reason
Help in Working with My Business or Organization
Use Library Computer / Internet Access
Use Materials and/or Attend Programs for Children
Support for Student Assignments and Research: K-12
Genealogy and / or Local History Research
Assistance with Job Seeking or Career Development
Reading, Viewing, and Listening for Pleasure
Lifelong Learning: Books and Classes to Explore Various Topics
Meeting Space
Reference Materials / Assistance
Use Copier
8. Do you find the hours the Petoskey District Library is open to the public convenient?
9. Which days and When do you usually visit the Petoskey District Library? Please check all that apply.
10. Do you use the Petoskey District Library's Website?
11. If your answer is no to question 10, why don't you use the Petoskey District Library's website? Please mark all that apply.
12. Are you aware that the Petoskey District Library provides free access to hundreds of popular books in electronic form (e-books and audiobooks) that can be downloaded to your computer, Kindle, Nook, or other electronic device?
13. How do you learn about programs and services at the Petoskey District Library? Please mark all that apply.
14. Are you aware that if a title is not available in the Petoskey District Library collection, you can ask staff to request that title for you from another library?
15. How would you rate the Petoskey District Library overall in terms of its responsiveness to the needs of the community for library services?
16. Do you feel the Petoskey District Library adds to the quality of life in the Petoskey area?
17. If you were to place a dollar value on the resources, programs, and services you and your immediate family receive from the Petoskey District Library, how much would you estimate that to be?
18. Do you believe that people in the community are aware of the library and what it provides?
19. Why do you think some people do not use the Petoskey District Library? Please check all that apply.
20. What ONE THING could the Petoskey District Library do to become more useful to you?
21. Please feel free to provide any additional comments that you feel will help us in planning for the future of the Petoskey District Library.
22. How many children age 17 or younger live in your household?
23. How many people in total live in your household?
24. Please indicate your gender.
25. Which category below includes your age?
Thank you for completing this survey and for your help in planning the future of your Petoskey District Library.
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