98th General Assembly - 64th Representative District Community Survey

1. Do you support allowing law abiding citizens the right to conceal and carry fire arms should they go through proper training?
2. Do you support a ban on all assault weapons in the State of Illinois?
3. Do you support a state moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for the extraction of natural gas?
4. Do you support the extension of Route 53 into Northern Lake County?
5. The Supreme Court ruled that under the Federal Affordable Care Act, states have the choice of expanding their Medicaid coverage at the expense of the Federal Government. Do you support the State of Illinois expanding its Medicaid coverage to be paid for with federal dollars?
6. Do you support a public employee pension reform plan that would shift costs from State government to local government?
7. Do you support a public employee pension reform plan that would require current employees to choose their benefits, either a 3% yearly Cost of Living Increase or healthcare coverage rather than the current plan giving them both?
8. Please rank the issues in order of importance to you, 1 being the most important, 9 being the least.
Property tax relief
Healthcare costs
Education funding
Pension funding
Conservation of open space
Energy costs
Job creation
Income tax relief
9. Other comments:
10. Name/Address/Email
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