Member Involvement and Participation Involvement Survey

1. What would you like to learn about most at our weekly meetings?
2. Which areas of Psychology interest you?
3. What time frames are you most available to attend Psi Chi events like socials, library study hours, or community service?
4. What types of Psi Chi events interest you?
5. Would you be interested in getting involved in a mentor program, whether being a mentor or mentee?
6. How interested are you in becoming an executive board member?
7. How interested are you in becoming an international member? (requires 3.0 GPA and 20 Psi Chi participation points)
8. What motivates you to attend Psi Chi meetings and events?
1 Least Important234 Most Important
Network/Professional growth
Earn points toward International Membership
Give back to the community, campus and/or department
Make new friends
Have fun
Gain information (ie. graduate school, research opportunities)
9. What is your year in school?
10. How did you hear about Psi Chi?
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