1. Universal Classic Monster Movie Survey

We are trying to gain valuable information from the true fans of this film. Please choose ONE answer per question.
1. I am a huge Universal Classic Monsters fan.
2. I own the new Universal Monsters DVDs:
3. I love the Universal Classic Monsters films mostly because of:
4. I think monster makeup creator Jack Pierce deserves a "star" on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk-of-Fame:
5. I would purchase the Universal Classic Monster movies on Blu-ray:
6. I felt this way about the new WOLFMAN movie (released February 12, 2010)
7. I would like to see updates/remakes of these classics:
8. I would like to see Special Edition DVDs such as were done with The Mummy and The Wolf Man in the last few years, with:
9. I feel as though the original films are treated with the respect that they deserve by the studio:
10. I would most like to see the following new media regarding the classic monsters:
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