Facial Scrub Trial

1. Survey Questions

Thank you for participating in my product trial. Your feedback is very important to me as I continue to work to produce products which are natural, effective, and appealing to my customers. This survey should take less than 5 minutes of your time. Thank you!
1. Which of the following best describes your age?
2. Which of the following best describes your skin (more than one answer may be selected)?
3. How would you rate this product based on the following criteria?
Unacceptable.Below average.Neutral.Acceptable.Exceptional.
Quality of ingredients.
Ease of use.
Quality of results.
4. For an 4 ounce jar of this product, I would expect to pay:
5. Would you purchase this product?
6. Would you recommend this product to a friend?
7. Would you be interested in participating in another trial like this one?
8. What other comments would help me understand your experience with this product?
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