Student Union Event

1. Student Union Event Evaluation

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If you have recently held an event in Valdosta State University's Student Union, we would love to hear your input on where we excelled and how we can improve our facility and services. If you have any concerns during the evaluation you can contact the Student Union Reservation Coordinator, Alisha Stabler at 229-333-7047. Thank you for you time!
1. What type of event was held?
2. Student Union Reservation Office
ExcellentGoodAveragePoorUnacceptableNot Applicable
Accessibility of reservation information
Responded to your needs and concerns
Punctuality of service
Response time to your calls/questions
Ability to educate you about the facility and available services
3. Student Union Student Employees and Staff
ExcellentGoodAveragePoorUnacceptableNot Applicable
Accessible and able to solve issues during your event
helpful and courteous
Quality and efficiency of service
Room check-in procedure
Room check-out procedure
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