Time and Talent Commitment Survey 2011-2012

Survey 2011-2012

Please consider these opportunities to commit your time and talent to God’s service through the ministry and mission of the Meeting House. You can assist ministries, committees, and staff through indication of your interests in the activities described.

Please complete one form per person.

Members may be contacted when and if particular needs arise.

In response to God’s gifts of life, time, and talents, I make these commitments.

This information will be used to update the church directory.
Phone numbers and Email addresses
Preferred email address for church correspondence
Check for weekly e-gram
Preferred email for electronic monthly newsletter
What is/was/are/were your profession(s) or vocation(s)
Hobbies or other areas of interest:
Skills, talents or strengths (e.g. sewing, calligraphy, etc.):
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