Nominees for 2010 Best Server, Best Bartender, Best Band, and Best Singer

1. Who's the Best?

Here's your chance to have a say in our 2010 Best of Memphis ballot. We want to hear your nominations for Best Server, Best Bartender, Best Local Band, and Best Local Singer. You can make one nomination in each category between July 6th and 9th. Whoever gets the most nominations will be on the Best of Memphis ballot when voting begins July 14th*!

First we need a little info about you to make sure you're a real person. Don't worry, your nominations are confidential and we won't ever sell your info to spammers.

(* Best of Memphis voters will also have the option to cast a write-in vote, just like every other category on the ballot.)

1. Your Name
2. Email Address
3. Male or female?
4. Age? Please choose one.
5. Your home zip?
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