Abu Dhabi eGovernment Gateway - Customer Survey
The Abu Dhabi eGovernment Gateway provides you with an easy access to information about Abu Dhabi and its Government. Additionally, it provides more than 1,000 online services that are informational, interactive as well as transactional.

Please help us improve and serve you better by completing this user feedback survey. Please note that this survey is confidential and will only be used to improve our services for users like you.

Thank you,
Abu Dhabi eGovernment Gateway
1. The information provided on the Abu Dhabi Gateway is relevant and useful to your needs and helped you with your query.
2. The information provided on the Abu Dhabi Gateway is accurate and reliable.
3. How satisfied are you with the ease of finding information and your browsing experience with the Abu Dhabi Gateway?
4. The layout and design of the Abu Dhabi Gateway looks nice and is professional.
5. Please rate the sections you are most interested in on abudhabi.ae (1 is most interesting, 5 is least interesting).
Personal Documents
Lands, Home & Environment
Motoring & Travel
Work & Employment
Benefits for UAE Nationals
Community & Religion
Education & Learning
Safety, Security & Law
Culture, Leisure & Sports
6. Please rate the sections you are most interested in on business.abudhabi.ae (1 is most interesting, 5 is least interesting).
Business Startup & Operationalisation
Labour & Employment
International Trade
Licences & Permits
Doing Business with the Abu Dhabi Government
Business Support & Advice
7. Did you know that the Abu Dhabi Gateway offers eServices such as Pay Utility Bills and Renew Vehicle Registration?
8. If yes, have you recently used any of the eServices offered on the Abu Dhabi Gateway? If no, please mention why.
9. If Yes, how satisfied are you with the use of the following eServices?
Highly SatisfiedSatisfiedNeither satisfied nor dissatisfiedDis-satisfiedHighly dissatisfied
Pay Traffic Fines
Pay Water & Electricity Bills
Land Management Services
Zakat Online Payment
Vehicle Registration Services
Library Book Reservation Services
10. If you are dissatisfied with the eServices, what problems did you experience while trying to use the service?
11. Which eService(s) would you like to be added on the Abu Dhabi Gateway?
12. How did you learn about the Abu Dhabi Gateway and eServices?
13. What is your gender?
14. How old are you?
15. If you are a resident of Abu Dhabi, where do you live?
16. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Abu Dhabi Gateway?
Thank you once again for providing us your feedback.
Upon clicking "Submit" this survey is completed. If you have any suggestions, enquiries, compliments or complaints, please use the Contact Form to directly contact the Abu Dhabi Contact Centre. One of our agents will get back to you.
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