Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) in Iowa deer

ISU Forestry Extension (Jesse Randall) & a wildlife disease researcher (Julie Blanchong) are collecting data on EHD.

Feel free to contact Julie at julieb@iastate.edu or Jesse at randallj@iastate.edu 

1. Please provide the following information so we can followup with you if we need further information
2. Which year did you observe the dead deer?
3. Which County did you observe the dead deer in?
4. What is the closest town to where the deer were found?
5. Please select the features that were present where you found the deer (you can select more than one)
6. What month did you observe the dead deer (you do not need to fill in each month/# of deer option - only the month and # of deer in the month you noticed the deer)
# of dead does# of dead bucks# of dead fawns
7. How decomposed were the deer?
8. Please add any information that you feel is relevant!
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