How Does Your Garden Grow Survey

How does your garden grow?
Thank you for filling out our survey and giving us your comments and suggestions! We want to know more about what is working in your gardens and what we could do to better support you. This survey is anonymous. Please contact us with any questions. Melissa, Happy gardening!
1. How long have you been gardening in Arizona?
2. Why did you want you to start a garden? Check all that apply:
3. What type of garden do you have? Check all that apply:
4. How would you describe your garden’s success?
5. What has been your biggest challenge? Check all that apply:
6. Approximately how much food does your garden produce? This is a tricky question- rough estimate is fine, you don't need to fill in all the blanks.
7. Who eats the food from your garden? (Check all that apply):
8. How do you water your garden? (Check all that apply)
9. Have you noticed a significant change in your water bills since you started a garden?
10. Do you believe the benefits of having a garden outweigh the costs (water, time, and money)?
11. For you, what have been the benefits of having a garden? Please rank depending on how much you've experienced these benefits.
A lotSomeNone
Eating better
Save money
Earn income (through veggie sales)
Recycle kitchen waste (compost)
Beautiful space
Learning about plants
Teaching others
Meeting People
12. What other aspects of gardening and home food production do you participate in or would like to learn more about?
I currently do/have thisI want to do/have this soonI want to learn more about thisI’m not interested in this
Backyard chickens
Other small livestock (goats, rabbits)
Canning and food preservation
Harvesting and using native foods
Capturing rain water
Irrigating with gray water
Growing and using medicinal herbs
Worm composting
Compost tea
Fruit trees
Selling my produce
Growing food on a larger scale
Seed saving
Greenhouses and seed propagation
13. What Community Food Bank services have you used/participated in and have they been helpful?
I love this! Essential supportHelpful and interestingThis could use improvementI have not participated in thisI don't know what this is
Garden workshops
Home Garden Cooperative
School or organization garden cooperative
Seeds, compost or other materials
Farmers Markets
Las Milpitas Community Farm
Marana Farm
Youth Farm Project
Urban Farm
Online SNAP assistance
Emergency Food Boxes
14. [OPTIONAL] If you would like to receive email updates about the Community Food Bank Garden Program upcoming events & opportunities, please enter your email below.
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15. Is there anything else you would like to add?
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