BSM Service Feedback

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1. Date of your last interaction with the Budget Division of the Finance Department. (month/day/year):
2. What was the primary reason (need) for your last interaction with the Budget Division?
3. Please rate the following aspects of service provided by city Budget Division employees.
ExcellentGoodFairPoorVery PoorN/A
Timeliness of response
Competency in handling an issue
Timeliness of resolving problem/addressing need
4. What is your Preferred method of communication with Budget?
5. Please rate the overall quality of publications from the Budget Division.
ExcellentGoodFairPoorVery PoorN/A
Comprehensive Annual Budget Report
Budget In Summary
Economic and Demographic Overview
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Progress Report
6. How satisfied are you that your received the information or services you needed during your interaction?
7. In what ways could the Budget Divisions have improved your experience?
8. How satisfied are you in the overall job the City of Henderson (not just this department) does in providing services?
9. Optional:
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